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AlumaMark QR Asset Tag

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AlumaMark QR Asset Tag

The AlumaMark QR Asset Tag is made from a specially prepared engravable type of aluminium called AlumaMark which is currently available in 2 different colours: Gold and Silver. It has a large data capacity with the ability to store up to 1500 words. The information is retrievable with the help of an App such as NeoReader, which you can download on your smartphone. This particular asset tag is a great way of tracking your valuable assets. You just have to integrate into the code a serial or asset number and any other information you deem necessary. Each tag comes with a 3M strong adhesive and measures 3cm by 3cm.

Original price was: UGX5,000.00.Current price is: UGX3,500.00.

MATERIALS: AlumaMark Aluminium sheets

COLOUR: Satin Gold & Satin Silver

USAGE: This AlumaMark QR Asset Tag comes with a 3M strong adhesive backing, which you just peel off to fix it firmly onto your asset. The surface where you put it MUST be flat and without any dirt for it to stick permanently.

HOW TO RETRIEVE THE STORED DATA: To read the information stored in the QR Code Asset Tag, you use a smartphone. First, go to your Google Play Store on your phone and search for "NeoReader App". Download it and install it. That's all. With this application, you can scan any QR Code and read the information stored if you are connected to the internet.


  1. When we receive your order, we create the layout and send it by email in 1-2 business days for you to check the details.
  2. If you have changes to make, we will make amendments and share with you for your approval.
  3. It will take about 3-5 days to finish an order not exceeding 300 tags after your final approval.

REQUIRED INFORMATION: We make these AlumaMark QR asset tags on order. As you order, you're required to submit the details you want to appear on every tag for each asset tag. Please use the upload button at the bottom of the checkout page. It's also advisable to provide your WhatsApp telephone contact for fast communication in case we need additional information or clarification from you to process your order.

DELIVERY PERIOD: We start working on customers' orders as soon as we receive them. Our turnaround time comprises of working on them with the machines as well as with our hands without compromising on quality standards. It also involves shipping the products to the customer's address.

Our processing time is between 3-5 days for small orders not exceeding 300 asset tags and 1-2 weeks for big orders. We always count from the day following the day we receive payment from the customer.

The order delivery time, therefore, depends on the processing time and shipping time as well. The processing time is based on the payment method you select and the number of items you buy. And the shipping time depends upon the location and shipping method selected on the checkout page.


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 cm
Material Color

Satin Gold, Satin Silver


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