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Butterfly decorations create an appealing and lovely atmosphere wherever you use them. You can use them creatively to decorate your cakes, wine bottles,  wedding/party backgrounds, etc. It’s only your imagination that can limit you on how to use them. Browse our wide collection of laser-cut butterfly decorations to select a design that will best meet your need.

Featured Products

We wish to give you the best shopping experience by offering you a selection of our featured products. These are products we shall, from time to time, pick from a collection of our best-selling or top-rated items, new arrivals and special offers. And these will be products from various categories. We hope it will help you to make an informed decision and to enjoy your shopping.

Browse By Subcategories For Laser-cut Butterfly Decorations

To simplify your browsing experience, we have classified our butterfly decorations by function, i.e. paper butterfly decoration, cupcake toppers and butterfly puzzles. Just pick one that suits your need and budget. Even if you order for tens of them, we shall not mind!

lily flowered butterfly
Paper Butterflies
flowered butterfly
Butterfly Cupcake Toppers
bird wing butterfly
Butterfly Puzzles

New Arrival

Paper Christmas Cake Toppers

The paper Christmas cake toppers are laser-cut from glitter paper. They are a favourite of many people in the baking industry because they are affordable and pleasant. These Christmas cake decorations are single-layered. Although they are sturdy enough to stand firmly on the cakes, you need to support them with a skewer. You will get 100% satisfied when you use these elegant storytelling toppers perfectly cut to suit your cakes during the festive season.


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